Selling Doesn’t Have to be Uncomfortable

Does the word ‘selling’ make you cringe?

Do you struggle to move your business forward or pursue your dream because you don’t want to sell?

Do you feel like you’d be pushy, annoying, rude…even somehow unethical if you sell your product or service?

It’s totally understandable.

A lot of people think of old school crappy sales tactics when they think about how to sell something.  Like the only way to sell is to be overbearing or untruthful.  That’s just one way to sell, and while it works for some people, it’s usually not long-term.

The truth is that a creative, tender hearted person with integrity and know-how can be one of the most powerful salespeople on the planet.

If you feel like that’s a crazy statement, it’s because of three things:

  •  You haven’t found your ‘sales voice’ yet.
  •  You don’t realize you’re in a position to help someone.
  •  You don’t see customer service as an integral part of sales.

Finding Your Sales Voice

Finding your sales voice is all about figuring out what you’d like to say without feeling awkward or intrusive.

You have confidence in what you’re offering and you’re cool whether you get a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’.  Furthermore, you’re genuinely excited about helping whomever you’re talking to.

When you find your sales voice, you’re being authentic and are seeking connection.  The only way to find your voice is practice!

Practice making offers and talking to others.  You don’t have to ‘close’ someone every time you speak.  It’s ok to put lots of lines in the water to see what happens.

I know it sounds weird, but everyone needs to be reminded of what you do- even friends.  Gentle reminders like posting about a party you’re throwing, sharing an article you wrote, realtor posts like just listed and just sold photos…so many ways to share without being annoying.

Coming from a place of help should be what sales is all about.

You have a problem?  I have a solution!

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Are you thirsty? My drink will quench your thirst!

Hungry? My treat will satisfy your hunger!

Need to gain strength?  My workout program helps you see gains in just 4 weeks!

It’s not about sales-trickery.  It’s about helping.  Now, some people convince others that they have a solution to a problem and know it’s a lie.  That’s not what I’m talking about here.

I’m talking about knowing in your heart that, first of all, what you’re offering solves a problem.  It’s valuable and pretty awesome.  Second of all, you’re confident that they’ll be happy after giving you their money because their problem is solved. They see the value in it.

For people to feel good about giving your their money, you need customer service on the other side of the sale ensuring that the customer is delighted.  Not just happy…but surprised by the experience.

Maybe it’s fast shipping.  Maybe it’s a guaranty of workmanship and you fix something that broke quickly.  Maybe it’s fun freebies they weren’t expecting.  Maybe it’s simply how you package the product.

Salespeople are overwhelming!

People are bombarded with sales messages every day.  Especially by people trying to FORCE a sale, making sure they’re the loudest person out there.

If you’re always coming from a place of helpfulness, your message can be all about bringing value to others well before they buy anything and that’s what really grabs attention.

There’s a big difference between yelling, “Buy this thing!” and “I can solve your problem!”

Think about your customer and what they’re really needing or wanting.  How can you address some of those needs?

For example, let’s say like you sell raw honey.  Instead of blasting out tons of photos of your product telling people to buy it, start with a recipe book or content about the nutritional benefits of raw honey or how people can help restore the local honey bee population.

Selling a service that’s considered to be high-value like photography?  Offer help and advice like Top 10 Ways to Prepare for an Awesome Photo Shoot or blog about topics your ideal customers love to learn from.  Let people get to know you.

When you get nervous about selling your product or service, just think:

Helpfulness. Relationship. Trust.  

Think about employing those three things instead of ‘selling’ and your perspective will change.  You’ll open the door to a relationship and a connection that leads to a life-long customer…maybe even a friend.

The world needs to hear your voice.

You have value.

You have a seat at the table.

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