How L’Occitane Used Shopify Plus to Launch a Facebook Sales Channel in Just 42 Days

Gary Vaynerchuk, CEO of Vayner Media, just tweeted about how his company helped L’Occitane make a bold move in the market a few months ago.  (If you aren’t following Gary V., you should.)  This article fascinated me. I’m blown away by how rapid changes in tech impact how we live our lives and how we interact with brands we love…even brands we haven’t discovered yet.


I love seeing companies try something totally new…to meet their customers where they ACTUALLY are spending their time-  Online! Specifically, Facebook.


This was a brilliant move on L’Occitane’s part.



Read on if you want to to see how they used Shopify in a powerful, beautiful way.  Always be thinking forward…as Gary V. says, “Never be romantic about how you make your money.” In other words, Don’t hold onto old ways of doing things too closely. You might miss out on the next big thing that creates die-hard fans FOR LIFE.

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