Feeling crummy about your business? Journaling can help.

Downward-spiraling thought patterns.  Ugh.


Ever been caught up in one of those?  I have!  Know what got me out of it?  Surrounding myself with podcasts and books that got me back on track.  I fed my mind NON-STOP to retrain my thought patterns!


Sometimes writing out my fears and concerns helped me sort things out and see them for what they were- just fears.  Not reality.



My internal dialog based on total crap.


Running a business is a lot like running a marathon. It takes endurance on so many levels and sometimes our mindset is what keeps us from pushing through to the next level.


Quite a few of the people I work with deal with feeling overwhelmed and a loss of direction- especially if they’re launching a business and a website at the same time.  So I created a fun journal insert just for people who need a Mindset Reset!  Print it out, three hole punch it and put it in a binder, unless you have one of those amazing fancy journals with lots of stickers, drawings, etc.  Then you can glue the pages in place.


Even if you don’t have a journal, you can still print this out and work through it when you’re struggling to stay positive.


You can download and print it right here:




Here’s an overview of each page, so you can see how I use this tool:


Page 1:

  • Starting the day with being honest about my mood helps me get real with myself.  It’s my starting point.
  • Then I say affirming statements to myself OUT LOUD.
  • Priming my brain to be more positive makes it more open to new ways of thinking.
  • If I’m struggling with a certain thought like, “So many people do what I do…I may not be good enough to stand out.”  Then I write that thought down, try to figure out what triggered it and then tell myself a new story.
  • So then I write, “A lot of people may do what I do, but they don’t do it like I do.  My clients will love what I offer and the way I offer it.”
  • Then I move on to say what I’m thankful for.  After clearing out the negativity, I love focusing on an attitude of gratitude.  Life is good and is so much bigger than my little “ego issue” or whatever I have going on that’s messing me up.


Page 2:

  • Next, I create my to-do list for the day.  Sometimes I just make one for the week.
  • It’s important to not jam everything onto this list.  Just write out the top priorities.
  • I love Gary Keller’s book “The One Thing”.  It completely changed the way I prioritize my day and how I accomplish goals.  Daily micro goals are awesome!
  • Based on his book, I write down the most important thing I can get done that day. It gives direction to my day and regardless of what I actually get done off my list, I’ll feel good about what I accomplished.


Page 3:

  • If I’m still feeling a little stressed, I’ll write down what I’m happy with and what my concerns are.
  • Getting my concerns on paper help get them out of my head.
  • Then, I like having a place to write down podcasts, books, websites, whatever I want to check out later.


Page 4:

  • If I’m feeling super-creative, I love writing out all my thoughts and ideas.
  • I don’t judge them or put them through any kind of filter, I just go for it.
  • Later, after reviewing them, they help me create content, offers, new designs, etc.



I hope this printable helps you out when you need a reset!


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