Conquer 2018 in Bite Sized Pieces

It’s that time again.  Resolution Time.  That magical time where you suddenly have the ability to conquer your biggest obstacles in just a few short months.


Then March rolls around and you’ve forgotten half of what you wrote down.

Every year I did that to myself.  Everything from losing massive amounts of weight to doubling my income to whatever. It felt kinda stupid making resolutions after a while, so I stopped doing it all together.

The truth is that these were just wishes, not resolutions.

There was no plan of action.  No clear path to get to where I wanted to go.  Definitely nothing patient about the process either, which is why it never worked out.

We’ve all had crappy bosses that give us impossible tasks with broken tools and of course, a deadline.  And we hate it!  But…then we turn around and do it to ourselves.  We become our very own nightmare boss.

Ugh, enough!

Why be cruel to yourself?  Why create a situation where you become your own vicious task master?

Usually New Years resolutions are HUGE and quite often are not even based in reality.

When faced with a massive task, most of us freeze.  The goal is so lofty and the system to get there seems so complicated that we lose the ability to act.

Some of us resort to busywork.  We look and feel super busy and tell everyone, “Oh my gosh, I’m so busy!”  We spin around in circles, doing lots of stuff that gets us nowhere OR we feel like we can barely get out of bed, feel ZERO joy about our day and then get sucked into hours of dumb stuff on Facebook- avoiding that massive goal or task.

Some of us even  grab onto shortcuts that hurt us in the long run.

I see this in marketing strategies too.  Lots of people are looking for that lever to pull or that button to push that’ll just RAIN leads and sales.  Sometimes that lever exists, but it’s usually short lived and then your funnel dries up and you wonder what the heck just happened.

Well, if you struggle with this, I have great news.

You can accomplish MAJOR goals this year by changing your approach.

I’m going to share with you two things that changed my life and it’s my hope that you’ll take them to heart and actually DO SOMETHING with the advice.  (I don’t get compensated in any way for sharing these links.)

Employing the advice given in these two books can create an unstoppable force in your life.  Because change always starts in the MIND.  If your mind isn’t right, your life isn’t right.

The 5 Second Rule will help you move before you overthink it.   Make that call, create that video, write that blog post, schedule that meeting, ask for the sale, pick up that weight, put down the donut, walk into that classroom…the 5 Second Rule gives you the mindset to do it.

“The One Thing” will help you define your overall goal and then break it into bite sized pieces that are manageable.   Start with something small and then do another, then another and another…getting bigger as you go…suddenly you’re knocking over goals that seemed impossible in the beginning.

It’s this podcast below that really started to change my thinking.

I’m super excited for 2018 and hope you are too.  Want to meet others looking to make big changes?  Join the Louder Marketing Squad group and tell us how you’re priming your mind to do big things.

I’m rooting for you!

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