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Feeling overwhelmed by all the ‘business advice’ you find online?


Marketing efforts falling flat?

Break Through the Noise


 You’re here for a reason, so let’s get right to it.


Do any of the following statements ring true?


Every time you write, your words remind you of someone doing “The Robot”, but…not in a cool way.


People aren’t engaging with your content.


Designing everything from flyers to social media headers and everything in between makes you kind of itch.


You’re busy running your business.  You need someone to just handle the “marketing stuff”.

If you said, “Yep, you read my mind. Tell me more.” then keep scrolling.

Communicating online can be a lot like pushing against a brick wall.


Feel like you’re getting nowhere?

Step away from the wall.


Let’s try another approach.




Sharp sales collateral. Your company is awesome – now everyone knows it. 


A blog that really connects. Your message- amplified. 


A social media strategy that produces results. Not just clicks, but real engagement.


A gorgeous web site with great copy.  Makes clients say, “I love it; take my money!”

No More Daydreaming- Let’s make this happen.

Meet Sonja

Hi!  I’m Sonja.


I started Louder Marketing Group to help your business grow.


Whether you’re a first time business owner or you’ve been in the game for a while, you’ve gotta full plate.


It’s easy to treat marketing like “just one more thing to do” and leave it on the back burner.


Totally understandable…but after a while, it comes back to bite.


If you’re stuck, we can help you get unstuck and move your business forward.



We help people like you get unstuck by:

  • Creating marketing materials that actually speak to your clients- building trust and driving them to action.
  • Web site revamps- Does your site bounce instead of pounce?  Let’s breathe life into your old copy.
  • Social media management- Frees up your time so you can focus on other areas.
  • Sales and marketing strategy-  Figure out where your audience’s attention is.
  • Video Editing- perfect for Instagram, Youtube and Facebook ads.
  • Branding – because just peddling products or services doesn’t cut it anymore.


Building pretty things is fun, but we do more than that.


Your objectives are uncovered before we create anything to make sure we’re putting the right things in place.


Whether it’s a web site revamp, reworking the copy of an email campaign, or strategizing about lead generation, our goal is to alter the course of your business and cheer you on as you smash through goals.


What’s your biggest challenge?


We’d love to help.

I’m looking to save money by doing some DIY marketing, but need training and/or coaching.
Marketing done for me?  Yes, please!
I don’t know what the heck I need.  Seriously.
I have a goal but don’t know how to get there.